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Trekking Tour Gallipoli

experiences Trekking Tour Natural Park of Porto SelvaggioGallipoli The Salento is sea and much more! Along the coast, north of Gallipoli, discover with an environmental guide one of the most beautiful places in Salento. The regional natural park of Porto Selvaggio is amust-see for nature lovers and in general for those visiting Salento. A place […]

Trekking Tour Santa Maria di Leuca

experiences Trekking Tour Ciolo Canyon & Cipolliane PathS. M. di Leuca The Salento is sea and much more! Discover with an environmental guide one of the most fascinating places in Salento. You will experience a natural canyon, prehistoric caves and rock cathedrals overlooking the sea.Walking along the paths between his high cliffswewill discover the secrets […]

Kajak Tour Otranto

experiences Kajak Tour Roca Vecchia & Grotta della PoesiaOtranto Experience the coast of Salento and its wonderful sea! Fully enjoy the crystal clear sea of Roca Vecchia with spectacular bays, tipical caves and the famous archaeological zone of Roca. We will paddle on a beautiful route along the Adriatic coast to discover its beauty, its […]

Kajak Tour Santa Maria di Leuca

experiences Kajak Tour Le Grotte di ponenteS. M. di Leuca Experience the coast of Southern Salento and its wonderful coast! A fantastic Marine excursion by Kayak in the Caribbean waters of Santa Maria di Leuca with its amazing sea caves. With this exciting kayak excursionwewill explore SantaMaria di Leuca and the sea caves of thewest […]

Bike Tour Otranto

experiences Bike Tour Otranto, Megalithic Garden, and the Bauxite QuarryOtranto Discover the Beautiful Salento countryside by bike! A wonderful bike ride to discover the hidden wonders of the Otranto hinterland, enjoy the views along the coastal road. Discover the Idro Valley, the “Megalithic Garden of Italy”, the Punta Palascia lighthouse and the famous Bauxite Quarry. […]

Bike Tour Lecce

experiences Bike TourLecce The “Florence of the South” to be visited and best discovered by bike! Beautiful guided bike ride to discover the capital of Salento, also known as the Florence of the South, due to the presence of numerous churches, palaces and monuments richly decorated in the Baroque style. Discover the most beautiful places […]

Wine & Oil Tasting Gallipoli

experiences Wine & Oil TastingGallipoli In Salento you can taste excellent wines and extra-virgin olive oil! Enjoy with all your senses a visit of a historical Gallipoli wine estate producing wine and extra-virgin olive oil since 1498. Immerse yourself in the world of local producers: the tasting is ideal for thosewhowant to discover the history […]

Sailing Tour & Lunch Gallipoli

experiences Sailing Tour & LunchGallipoli Discover the clear sea of Gallipoli aboard a sailboat. Immerse yourself with captain Nereo, an environmental guide, in the unspoiled nature of the Punta Pizzo Nature Park with its protected island Sant’Andrea. You will appreciate pleasure sailing in a small cabotage for max. 6 people and you can taste a […]

Pilates & Aperitivo Gallipoli

experiences Pilates & AperitivoGallipoli Salento is Wellbeing with Style! On the terrace of our Briganti Café & Rooftop Bar, in the historic center of Gallipoli, you can participate in a Pilates lesson with Emy, a professional Pilates teacher. A great opportunity for enjoying a moment of Wellbeing in Salento. Relax while admiring the sunset over […]

Pizzica lesson & Aperitivo Gallipoli

experiences Pizzica lesson & AperitivoGallipoli Salento is Folk Music and Dance! On the terrace of our Briganti Café & Rooftop Bar, in the historic center of Gallipoli, you can experience a Pizzica lesson with Serena, a professional dance teacher and performer of the “Festival della Taranta”. A great opportunity for lovers of Salento music and […]